Genefim is a subsidiary of Societe Generale specialized in real estate leasing. For over forty years, Genefim has been offering professional real estate financing solutions to corporates and real estate investors in France and Spain.

Over forty years of experience in real estate financing to corporates and real estate investors

 Expertise in:

  • Tailor made solutions
  •  Syndication of important and innovative operations
  •  Financing of operating assets (lodging sector, health ...)
  •  Project financing with limited recourse
  •  Financial and legal set-up optimization

And support for customers in Spain.

Financing a wide range of assets for a large range of customers

  • Single asset or portfolio of commercial assets (offices, warehouses, retails, hotels, retirement homes, clinics …)
  • Constructions and acquisitions, sale and leaseback transactions 
  • For large corporates, SMEs, associations and investors (SIIC, OPC1, funds, private investors ...)

The real estate leasing advantages
Possibility to finance up to 100%, long-term financing (10-15 years), flexible rents, an attractive tax regime.