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If you have a suggestion or a complaint you may send it to us by electronic mail or by post. Before lodging a complaint, please read the attached Regulation on Customer Protection of the entities of the Societe Generale Group in Spain (you will need Acrobat Reader)

Data protection

The claimant expressly authorizes the bank to create an automated or manual database that contains the personal information of the claimant, as long as the sole purpose is the oversight and recording of complaints lodged against the bank.

The bank may keep the data until the statute of limitations has run on all actions based on this claim. The claimant may at any time exercise the right to access, modify, cancel, or dispute provided in the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December in writing to Societe Generale.

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> Regulation on Customer Protection of the entities of the Societe Generale Group in Spain

Complain or claim content to be admitted for processing

The presentation of complaints and claims may be made, personally or by representation, on paper or by computer, or by electronic or telematic means, provided that these means allow the reading, printing and conservation of the documents and comply with the requirements of Law 59/2003, of  December 19th, on electronic signatures. 

The following data shall be recorded:

  • Name, surname/s and address of the interested party, and, if applicable, of their representative, duly certified; national identity document number for individuals and details of company registration for legal persons.
  • Reason for the complaint or objection, clearly specifying the issues on which a decision is requested..
  • Office or offices, department or service where the events subject of the complaint or objection took place.
  • That to the claimant’s knowledge, the matter which is the subject of the complaint or objection is not subject to administrative or legal proceedings or arbitration.
  • Documentary evidence in their possession on which they base their complaint or claim and justify the ownership of the financial instruments that motivate the claim.
  • Place, date and signature if the claim is made on paper.
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