ALD Automotive

ALD Automotive began its journey in Spain in 1992. Nowadays, ALD Automotive has delegations in Madrid and Barcelona, and a staff of more than 488 professionals. Due to its stable growth, we currently have a customer portfolio of over 40,000 companies and a fleet of 150,000 vehicles. The base of success is the working ability and experience of our professional employees, who are committed to improving services and whose daily goal is a quick and effective management.

ALD Automotive is the Renting and Fleet Management company of the Societe Generale International Group. It has, therefore, the backing of one of the largest financial groups in the euro area, which advocates a diversified universal banking model in which the financial strength and sustainable growth strategy meet.

The company is present in 44 countries, has about 7,050 people and manages a portfolio exceeding 100,000 customers. Overall, ALD Automotive has more than 1.81 million vehicles through two types of products: Renting (75%) and Fleet Management (25%). The company is coordinated by ALD Automotive International, whose headquarter is located in Paris, France.

ALD Automotive International is the first-largest European player in the full operational leasing and fleet management industry, and the third in the world. Especially in Spain, where the company has been operating since 1992 has reached the top three companies in the sector in renting and first in fleet management.

ALD Automotive 's philosophy is based on the fact that renting should be much more than a vehicle and its associated services. It must be a whole so that provide the best product to the customer and to become their best partner.

Thus, ALD Automotive analyzes the needs and possibilities of each case and provides and manages the best fleet for the client as a unique complex and multi-dimensional challenge, regardless of their size or trading volume. Therefore, an emphasis is laid on sustainable solutions, by allocating yearly considerable resources to policies to reduce CO2 emissions and new technological tools to help lessen the costs of fleet management.

ALD Automotive is committed:
• Transparent relationships with its customers.
• Results-oriented solutions.
• Efficient, credible and tailored proposals.
• Respect for the particularities of local and individual cultures.
• Principles and actions linked to social and environmental responsibility.

The values of ALD Automotive, that the company also shares with the Société Générale Group, are professionalism, team spirit and innovation.

Quality is another of its pillars, and therefore they develop continuous processes for increasing its parameters and, consequently, raising customer satisfaction. The latter is not only a statement of intent, but a real guarantee embodied in the “ALD Automotive Quality Commitment”.

For more information: https://www.aldautomotive.es/