Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment as a Global Bank

Societe Generale’s CSR ambition is built on six key pillars, all integrated into our business and daily activities, with the objective to positively impact the transformation of the economy and society:

  • Client Satisfaction and protection.
  • Responsible employer
  • Ethics and Governance We demand the highest standards of integrity to employees including the management of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks
  • Commitment towards the Fight against climate change.
  • Social innovations. We analyze new social trends to offer appropriate solutions. We support the development of sustainable cities, mobility and inclusion.
  • Contribution to the Sustainable Development of Africa.

Our commitment also includes an active contribution to society through numerous initiatives around education, culture and sports.

For more information access our global CSR page

Our contribution from Spain

In Spain, Societe Generale is committed to positively impact the development of our local communities. Our CSR plan aims to promote professional and social integration through several projects, mostly in the educational and sporting fields.

We integrate Corporate Social Responsibility into our culture as a clear demonstration of our values: Team Spirit, Commitment, Responsibility and Innovation.

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Current Charity Partners

Societe Generale collaborates with several charity partners in Spain:

  • AAMNDAH. We support the project “Becas Padres/Hijos TDAH” of the NGO which aims to asist and support minors with ADHD in order to improve  their academic performances, their adjustment to the scholar framework and provide specific training to their parents to better the living conditions at home.
  • Banco de Alimentos de Madrid. Societe Generale Madrid has been contributing to Madrid Foodbank’s projects since 2012 through a yearly donation. The organization aims at collecting food products to hand them out to people in need in Madrid.


Our employees collaborate in volunteer programs linked to the organizations supported by the Bank in the framework of education for social and professional inclusion. The main initiatives included:

  • Training sessions on basic financial concepts
  • Job search workshops
  • Accompaniment and extracurricular training to fight against school failure
  • Sports, cultural and educational awareness days with employees and their families to promote social integration

We begun collaborating with Fundación Integra, Norte Joven, Fundación Tomillo, Médicos del Mundo and Proyecto Hombre. Since 2009 we have also participated in workshops with Fundación Integra, Nuevo Horizonte, Fundación Adecco, Acción Familiar, Special Olympics, Banco de Alimentos, among others.

Financial Education

Societe Generale is committed to financial education through the program “Tus finanzas, tu futuro” developed by the Spanish Banking Association (Asociación Española de Banca - AEB) in collaboration with the Junior Achievement Foundation.

For 10 years in a row, AEB and its associated banks have been mobilizing volunteers to deliver financial education courses to young people aged between 13 and 15 years. The courses aim to raise awareness about savings and its importance, responsible consumption and responsible money management. 

We also invite you to check the CSR policy of our branch of ALD in Spain.