Treezor, Banking-as-a-Service precursor, the One-stop Shop for Embedded Finance

Launched in 2016 by two French entrepreneurs, Treezor is a fintech that is authorized to operate as a Payment and Electronic Money Institution in 25 countries. It is also a key member of international card networks. In 2019, Treezor was acquired by the Societe Generale group and is now the European leader in Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS), with a presence in France, Germany, Benelux, Italy, and the Iberian Peninsula.

Treezor's embedded finance solution enables companies to seamlessly integrate white-label payments and card programs into their customer journeys from issuing to acquiring. They outsource all the technical, security, and regulatory aspects (including KYC, AML-CFT, etc.) to Treezor's international team of experts.

 In addition to supporting the emergence of many European payment unicorns, Treezor has enabled more than 100 Fintechs, start-ups, and large companies to embed payments and card programs into their customer journeys.