Ayvens Group is a leading global sustainable mobility player providing full-service leasing, flexible subscription services, fleet management services and multi-mobility solutions to a client base of large corporates, SMEs, professionals and private individuals. With the broadest coverage in 42 countries through direct presence, Ayvens is leveraging its unique position to lead the way to net zero and further shape the digital transformation of the industry through innovation and technology-enabled services to enable the transformation towards large scale adoption of sustainable mobility. Société Générale is the majority Ayvens’ shareholder.

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Ayvens in Spain is part of the Ayvens group, the world's leading player in sustainable mobility committed to making life flow better. It has offices in Madrid and Barcelona and delegations in Bilbao, Santiago, Seville and Valencia. 

Ayvens is the Leasing and Fleet Management company of the international group Société Générale. For this reason, it has the backing of one of the largest financial groups in the euro area, which is committed to a diversified model of universal banking in which financial strength and a strategy of sustained growth go hand in hand.

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Ayvens Offices

Ctra.de Pozuelo, 32
28220 Majadahonda – Madrid
Phone: 91 333 67 17

Passeig de la Zona Franca, 111
08038 Barcelona
Phone: 91 333 67 17

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