Renting and Fleet Administration

Renting of vehicles consisting of a long lease period for which specialized in providing these services company buy a new vehicle, according to the preferences and needs of his customer, and releases it for use for a predetermined time in exchange for a previously established monthly fee. Renting also includes a number of additional services such as insurance, tire changes, breakdowns, and so on, which varies according to the criteria of each company.

The main advantage of Renting is that it is a form of use and enjoyment of a very flexible vehicle for any company, whatever its size, as it is fully aligned with business needs and frees financial resources that can be allocated to other activities. It is bringing rigged numerous fiscal, economic and even operational advantages, as it is the Renting company is in charge of managing the fleet and process reviews, repairs, documentation, payment of taxes or the sale of the vehicle at the end of the contract.

Choose a good service in Fleet Renting for a company can lead to considerable cost savings. ALD Automotive can provide the best and most comprehensive services in Renting.

ALD, which has extensive experience in the vehicles management in Spain, offers comprehensive advice and all the resources at your service, for complete outsourcing of management throughout the life the lease.

Services included

The ALD Renting for large fleets includes the following services within your odds:

  • Account Manager: exclusive advisor, who will personally handle.
  • Type of vehicle that you choose for your company (commercial vehicles or medium segment or manager, different models, engines, optional packs, special editions ...).
  • All periodic revisions indicated by the manufacturer (preventive maintenance).
  • Appointment of workshops, with free pickup and delivery at the place indicated by the driver by an ALD professional.
  • Malfunctions (all repairs).
  • Roadside assistance from km 0, every day of the year.
  • Repairs in the ALD Premier Network (workshops that meet strict quality controls for ALD).
  • Windscreen repair, "in situ" or in the driver's home as long as possible.
  • Tires, all necessary to ensure vehicle safety and enforcement of traffic rules.
  • Serviplus, traditional insurance which also includes the management of all paperwork associated for each claim (parts, repair tracking, control workshops ...) and a bonus when the loss ratio is low at the end of the year.
  • ALD Quality Commitment: Free replacement vehicle if times exceeded in the workshops of the Premier Network established by the company.
  • Customer Portal: Application forms much simpler and faster. Include reports, claims development, fuel consumption, costs, ratios, and so on.
  • e-Billing.
  • Fines management.
  • Club ALD: discounts and benefits for drivers in leisure, travel, entertainment, car purchase ...
  • Consulting ALD Bluefleet to achieve a greener and efficient fleet and thus saving fuel.
  • ALD Mobile, an application for mobile devices that provides driver information form online to manage your vehicle.

Exclusive services

Moreover, a large company needs full mobility, as it is in the employee productivity and therefore the profitability of the business.

If you need an even more comprehensive service, value-added and also will prove to have more information in making decisions, hire the exclusive services of ALD on highly concessional terms:

  • Replacement vehicle within various forms of rent (RentService).
  • Pre-runner vehicle (from contract signing to delivery Renting car chosen).
  • Driving School: courses in preventive and efficient driving. The best solution to reduce occupational risks, avoid casualties and care for the fleet.
  • VIP card.
    • Collection and delivery of the vehicle.
    • Dedicated phone line, no waiting.
    • Fuel Card SOLRED.
    • Extending coverage to the driver, with an additional 6,000 €.
    • Car washing after each operation (maintenance, repair, etc.).
  • ALD Sharing, shared service vehicles to several employees of the same company.
  • ProFleet2, telematics solution designed for integrated control of the fleet that will provide all the necessary information in real time for optimal decision making.